Bad Used Car commercials!!!

I think we have all seen it before. Terrible advertising campaigns that fail to cut through all the clutter. What comes to mind initially is terrible used car commercials. They are painful to watch and sit through and every one looks the same. I think a company would save a lot of money using another type of medium to advertise on such as

  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Viral marketing- youtube etc

A particularly bad commercial came on one night around 10 pm it was just utterly cheesy and horrific. Low budget and bad acting at least I remembered it I guess but still they would not be my first choice for purchasing a used car. The business would be better off designing a better marketing campaign and not wasting money advertising on tv there are already too many other car lot commercials as it is.

If you want to stand out take a used car out and drift while staging a police chase and maybe I will pay attention to your commercial; hell save the money and put it on youtube instead of purchasing ad space I guarantee that will get you some exposure.


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