Live by your brand & Die by your brand

As a company your brand is your most important asset. This is why companies pay a lot of money for brand development and various promotional activities. It is extremely important to have a strong distinct and well developed brand in today’s competitive business environment.

This is why Ralph Lauren can sell their clothes for outrageous prices and people will actually purchase them. I want to talk about a company that stands out to me specifically. I didn’t realize it until recently but Kia has been engaging in a radical re branding campaign and it is paying huge dividends. Previously you wouldn’t think of Kia as a dependable edgy car company. But through re branding and the design of the Kia forte & the new Kia optima they are excellent vehicles. Before if you wanted a reliable foreign car you would think of either Honda or Toyota motor company.  v

Not anymore Kia has positioned itself to steal the market share of their competitors. The power of Branding!

– More information about Branding from Forbes business magazine-

Kia re-branded
Kia re-branded

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