Open Source – mkt

I found this article interesting for a number of reasons. There is a vast amount of resources at our disposal from a marketing perspective on the internet currently and we still have a poor understanding of our consumers. Our economy has transitioned from a ” if we build it they will come” to a more consumer focused based economy where we need to finesse our target market. This includes having a solid understanding of our consumer’s wants, needs and desires.

Web 2.0 is a useful tool for marketing research. Marketers need to think in terms of communicating with consumers rather than talking at consumers. This being said open source is software is an amazing tool which allows marketers to achieve this goal and learn from the consumer. I think there will be a bigger shift from trying to pursuade consumers they need a product to determining consumers needs and acting upon those needs.


” A thousand consumers working on a problem may generate a better solution than a handful of managers on the product management team.”


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