UNCG’s Business Processes Information Technology Course –Fall 2012

Social Media Project

  • Worked efficiently with a group of eight people to delegate responsibilities within the group
  • Designed a PowerPoint along with a paper detailing the effects of Social Media across various business processes

UNCG’s International Business Course -Spring 2013

 International Business Student Collaboration Project

  • Worked effectively within a group of seven people Internationally
  • Conducted online database research to determine entry mode and marketing plan for our teams project
  • Compiled results into a Business plan

UNCG’s Promotional Management Course-Spring 2013

  • Designed, Conducted SWOT analysis to determine the Marketing department’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • Conducted research to determine the Marketing departments target market along with their competitors and the most effective means of communication
  • Compiled results into a final paper and delivered PowerPoint presentation to class

UNCG’s Business Communication –Fall 2013

  • Conducted research to develop an understanding of Japan’s business practices and culture to prepare for an expatriate assignment
  • Developed a detail report outlining all information and citing my resources

UNCG International Marketing– Fall 2014

  • Conduct cold calling to acquire a “host company” to partner with for the duration of the project
  •  Research UNC Greensboro’s databases to determine strategic market penetration techniques and logistics
  • Conduct key word search and boolean search techniques to find articles and resources to determine price strategies, logistics and market penetration strategies within our target country



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