Update: Graphic Design work

Disclaimer: I did not go to school to be a Graphic designer nor do I have any formal training or education. I am passionate about design and have been studying it for some time now.

Here is a recent flyer I did for an organization at UNC Greensboro.

American Indian week flyer

Recent flyer I did to promote an event for my clothing line.

free shirt giveaway

lake scene


Social Media Marketing : Instagram vs. Facebook

As of late I have been trying to determine the best platform to market my start up company. I think Facebook is becoming obsolete for marketing a company on. It is hard for potential consumers to search based on hashtags and allow me to segment my target market clearly.

Fortunately Instagram allows me to add hashtags and it lets my products be easily searchable. This is great for building a quicker following and redefining my focus instead of solely relying on Facebook or Twitter. I think Facebook is great but as of right now it has not gotten me a rapid following like Instagram has right now. Hopefully my following will continue to grow and I can run my kickstarter soon.


Lineage logo

In Anticipation of the Launch of my Company.

I have been developing a business concept I had roughly a year ago. I want to launch a company centered around bringing a fresh perspective and approach to designing clothing apparell with Native American Designs. This is a niche that I believe has a lot of potential and has not been done successfully yet.

“I hope to educate generations on our proud Native American culture and Rich history. We want to inspire people to look into their own lineage as well. Our company firmly believe’s it is important to better understand our past so we can strengthen our own future.”

Educate Inspire Achieve

Permission Marketing

I have been reading a lot lately and I came across a famous marketer whom most people probably already know of “Seth Godin”. He has a book called “Permission Marketing”. He explains that marketers need to think of marketing in terms of one on one interactions as opposed to mass marketing techniques or interruption marketing as he coins it. A good exerpt from the book is ”

The camp uses permission marketing to accomplish this. The first step is to advertise at camp fairs and in magazines that feature groups of ads from summer camps. But unlike virtually all of her competitors, Joanne isn’t trying to sell her camp. She knows that no one chooses a summer camp for their children on the basis of a two-inch square black and white advertisement.

Instead, her only goal in the ad, and at the trade show, is to get permission to send a video and a brochure. The ad sells the brochure, not the camp. Call the camp’s number and her staff will immediately qualify your interest and then send a video (perhaps the best produced camp video in the market) and the brochure (also extremely well- done.)

The only goal of the video is to get permission to have a personal meeting. It doesn’t sell the camp. It sells the meeting.

Now, fully qualified, and having seen the testimonials, the photographs, the facilities and the happy campers, the family is ready to be sold on the camp. And that’s done in person.

Once a camper attends for a summer, odds are that he or she will stay for more summers and bring a brother or sister as well. Which makes the sale worth nearly $20,000. By using Permission Marketing, Arowhon is able to make these significant step-by-step sales, with a very high efficiency.

At each step, the only goal of the next step is to expand permission. She interrupts to get permission to send a video using a small print ad, she uses the video to get permission to visit, she uses the visit to get permission to sell one summer and she uses the summer to sell six more. By focusing media on getting permission instead of making the ultimate sale, marketers are able to get far more out of their expenditures. The response rate to a free sample or an affinity program or a birthday club might be five or ten times the response rate of an ad asking for a sale.”


This illustrates a new revolutionary way of thinking. Hopefully we will see more companies using these techniques instead of interrupting our precious time.

Design work update!!

So I have been working and improving a lot of my design work and here is an update of some of it.


Jordan Lowry Business card set2


Custom Business card
Custom Business card


Custom caption
Custom caption


RHS dalia llama meme

The perfect fit banner

benjamin franklin meme

Jiffy Lube

I forgot how important customer service is for a company until recently. I visited a Jiffy Lube to get my oil changed and regular maintenance done on my car. I previously had a bad experience at a Jiffy Lube prior and I have not visited one since until this day. Jiffy Lube not only changed my oil but the on duty manager took the time to explain the recommended maintenance and explained other issues thoroughly about my car. They even went the extra step and vacuumed my car out as well. The management was extremely informative, helpful and outgoing. I believe the company had a major restructuring done recently. Needless to say a company should never skip on their customer service program. I did not even mind paying the expensive price to get my oil changed.  Jiffy Lube went above and beyond and gained another customer.

A Surefire Way To Get Yourself Noticed Through Non-Traditional Marketing

You’re walking through Boston, right along the Charles River. Maybe you’re on your way to your first class of the day, or making the commute to work, and you come across something unusual: A strange light board depicting a pixelatedcreature waving around his middle finger. What do you do?

A Bomb Scare Shuts Down Boston

For many, the answer was to call authorities, under the suspicion that there were bombs placed all around downtown Boston. It can’t be said that these colorful boards didn’t garner attention.

This is, while extreme, a prime example of the kind of guerilla marketing stunts that get companies attention. The objects were placed around Boston to promote the channel Adult Swim, and the release of a film based on their popular adult cartoon, “Aqua Teen Hunger

More traditional forms of marketing both old and new are used by every company in some form or another. Every traditional avenue from newspaper to television, to internet marketing, a form that is becoming more and more common for companies as the digital age hits its prime. It is because of this that companies find themselves struggling for a way to differentiate themselves from a pack of other marketing campaigns. Non-traditional marketing techniques such as these guerilla style publicity stunts have become one way to get yourself known.

I was lucky enough to be living in Boston at the time, and was able to witness a bit of the panic myself. The cops had closed down certain areas, so the “bombs” could be carefully investigated. The two men placing the light boards were arrested for causing a public panic. While this is an extreme stunt with a rather extreme outcome, it can definitely be argued that the shows ratings were better for having been promoted in this way. In fact, I would argue it put “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” on the map for many people.
In fact, what was supposed to be a black horse in the box office did make a respectable $5.5 million in gross domestic earnings, thanks in part, to its very non-traditional form of marketing.

Publicity Stunts- Why Risk It?

While I don’t recommend “causing a public panic”, I do see value in getting people’s attention, and non-traditional marketing techniques such as guerilla marketing campaigns can be a great way to do so. Even though the two men’s arrest in connection with this campaign was an unforeseen consequence, it also increased awareness of the film by being one of few campaigns to become a story covered eagerly by every major news source in the country. Those who can be creative enough to pull off such attention-grabbing stunts are likely to see a steep rise in awareness, and for some it is indeed a risky, but smart move.

The Dark Knight Rises Defaces Cities Everywhere

The Batman film franchise performed a similar, but more interactive campaign by painting white, bat-shaped graffiti in cities all around the world. The film’s advertising implored eager fans to find and tag, through social media, every one of the Batman marks around the world in order to unlock the full trailer for the film. Not surprisingly, the fans were rabid enough to have the clever puzzle unlocked within a few hours. This campaign mixed the traditional forms of internet marketing (through social media participation), and the non-traditional through their use of scattered world-wide bat graffiti. This campaign proved that while a more common form of marketing such as social media marketing is an important method of promotion, it can only become stronger through the use of non-traditional marketing campaigns in conjunction.

The social media interaction that the film’s marketing department experienced was only further proof of the effectiveness of grabbing the attention of people in a non-traditional way. The film made over $1 billion worldwide, which are numbers you just can’t argue with.
These kind of stunts may be risky, but for many they result in the spread of a kind of brand awareness you really can’t buy. So from a marketing perspective, I urge you to be creative with your campaign– both through traditional and non-traditional methods, the goal of your marketing campaign is to grab attention.

Try not to get arrested, though.


*The credit goes to Article Alley

Your business card sucks and I am going to tell you why…

I like to collect business cards whenever I get the chance. The majority of them look the same and rarely stand out from the crowd. I firmly believe a business card needs to:

  • Stand out
  • Be professional
  • Contain basic contact info
  • In today’s competitive market a business card should include a link to a website or a Qr code
"These I would put in the corner and forget about"
“These I would put in the corner and forget about” 
" Sleek, clean and effectively communicates with his audience"
” Sleek, clean and effectively communicates with his audience”

Free QR code generator allowing prospects to go directly to your website 


Some good examples of excellent business cards – Taste of ink- They do excellent work