Changing the User Agent in Screaming Frog

I was running a crawl for a friend’s site with my favorite SEO tool screaming frog and got the dreaded ‘connection refused’. My first thought was oh no this site is not indexable and the search engines probably dont even know it exists. Which is never a comforting feeling.

Fortunately, I found a work around within screaming frog for crawling websites that may block access to bots other than major search engines. Generally, other sites dont want bots visiting and crawling their websites since it can bloat their analytics. There is nothing worse than opening up your Google analytics account and seeing a spike in traffic for the month just to find out its all bot traffic coming into your website.

The work around is surprisingly simple and a little devious. You want to go into the configuration setting of Screaming frog and click change the user agent. I would recommend changing the user agent to Google bot so you can properly crawl and access the site.

As you can see I can now properly crawl and access the site.

I would also recommend running a simple query if you encounter this issue and see if the site is currently indexed within Google. You can do this by simply doing a query like “” remember to leave off the ‘www.’ and ‘https://’.

Unfortunately, when I tried this there were no pages indexed within Google at this time. However, as of writing this I see that two pages have already been indexed upon submitting the sitemap within search console. If this happens you want to submit a sitemap immediately within Search Console and wait for Google bot to come around and index the site properly. If you are worried the robots.txt might be blocking some pages just go to the robots.txt tester within search console.

Input a url you are concerned about and see if your current robots.txt file is blocking anything that would keep Google bot from rendering the page properly. Also be sure to check and make sure there arent any unwanted ‘meta no index’ tags coded within the site to keep search engines from indexing it as well.

Good luck and have fun optimizing your site!


How to Utilize Holidays for your Social Media Campaigns and Inspire Engagement!

How to Inspire Engagement on Social Media During Holiday’s and Special Events

The holidays can be a time to make an emotional connection with your audience and social following and inspire engagement on your platforms. This isn’t just limited to holiday’s though, it is important to stay up to date with current and ongoing trends within your niche or industry to capitalize on them. If there is breaking news in your industry be at the forefront and publicize it or use it for content creation in addition to any scheduled content your business intends to push this week. If there are social justice issues occurring around and it’s appropriate for your industry, use that as well to generate content to inspire greater engagement. Just make sure it is tactful and take into consideration of any backlash that may occur.

To put this tactic into action do  some research into your current followers and see what types of content they share. Spend some time researching their profiles and keep an eye out for trends. That doesn’t mean creep on your audience and stalk them be professional but dig deep. Do some secondary research as well utilize Google and see what sort of issues are currently trending within your niche or industry that your audience may be interested in.

Fortunately, there is an awesome tool for this called Klout. Klout will give you notifications into what is popular and trending within your industry so you can save time searching for content. If that isn’t enough buzz sumo also provides some pretty great insight into trending topics you can reshare as well throughout your social platforms. Let’s not forget another great content tool Google! That’s right Google is great for finding meme’s and hunting down other content to share throughout your niche as well. If you’re particularly handy with the adobe creative suite you can make some pretty neat visual content pieces as well.

So how did this work out in my case? Well, let’s take a look.

Sample PostI was at a bit of an advantage as I am a part of the niche group I am currently targeting. I am a Native American and as such I am aware of social issues surrounding headdresses being worn as a decorative pieces. I knew from current news, events and my own personal dislike for headdresses being used as a decorative piece that this post was highly likely to resonate within my social platforms. Of course performance does depend on the social platform you choose to post on as well. I know from previous experience and research that Tumblr is a hotbed for social issues so beginning on that platform was a no brainer.

Roughly after 30 minutes or so of posting my content piece was picked up and shared a number of times. So let’s take a look at how it performed.

Social Shares

The content piece had been picked up and reblogged an astonished 387 times in the course of under a day. This was impressive considering the small following I had. Before even posting the piece I only had roughly 70 or so followers. This is a good tactic to spread your reach and increase engagement across your platforms when used tactfully. It is important to understand your audience prior to utilizing this tactic and be able to anticipate any potential backlash.

Permission Marketing

I have been reading a lot lately and I came across a famous marketer whom most people probably already know of “Seth Godin”. He has a book called “Permission Marketing”. He explains that marketers need to think of marketing in terms of one on one interactions as opposed to mass marketing techniques or interruption marketing as he coins it. A good exerpt from the book is ”

The camp uses permission marketing to accomplish this. The first step is to advertise at camp fairs and in magazines that feature groups of ads from summer camps. But unlike virtually all of her competitors, Joanne isn’t trying to sell her camp. She knows that no one chooses a summer camp for their children on the basis of a two-inch square black and white advertisement.

Instead, her only goal in the ad, and at the trade show, is to get permission to send a video and a brochure. The ad sells the brochure, not the camp. Call the camp’s number and her staff will immediately qualify your interest and then send a video (perhaps the best produced camp video in the market) and the brochure (also extremely well- done.)

The only goal of the video is to get permission to have a personal meeting. It doesn’t sell the camp. It sells the meeting.

Now, fully qualified, and having seen the testimonials, the photographs, the facilities and the happy campers, the family is ready to be sold on the camp. And that’s done in person.

Once a camper attends for a summer, odds are that he or she will stay for more summers and bring a brother or sister as well. Which makes the sale worth nearly $20,000. By using Permission Marketing, Arowhon is able to make these significant step-by-step sales, with a very high efficiency.

At each step, the only goal of the next step is to expand permission. She interrupts to get permission to send a video using a small print ad, she uses the video to get permission to visit, she uses the visit to get permission to sell one summer and she uses the summer to sell six more. By focusing media on getting permission instead of making the ultimate sale, marketers are able to get far more out of their expenditures. The response rate to a free sample or an affinity program or a birthday club might be five or ten times the response rate of an ad asking for a sale.”


This illustrates a new revolutionary way of thinking. Hopefully we will see more companies using these techniques instead of interrupting our precious time.

How to promote your Restaurant via Social Media !!

Social Media Marketing for Restaurants
Social media marketing is turning into the fundamental pillar that most marketing efforts are built around.Restaurants use this marketing technique as well as any other type of business and with a good reason.There are a lot of social media channels which can help improve a restaurant’s web exposure and in this post I’ll try to cover the most important ones.

Facebook is one of the sites in which every company should be found.It brings the organizations, along with restaurants with an superb arsenal of tools that can maximize the restaurant’s overall web presence.Even a simple element like the cover of your Facebook page may possibly help out and deliver in customers to your restaurant.The terrific thing about social websites is how you can publish a photograph of your amazing looking steaks and it will sell itself.Once your Facebook friends see that awesome steak on your page’s cover, they will share it with their own friends and it will draw in these new visitors that you would like so much.

People ordering meal to waiter in restaurant
People ordering meal to waiter in restaurant
Download People ordering meal to waiter in restaurant from ©

Facebook apps is the next good resource, that can help you considerably in your goals of finding new clients or retaining existing ones attracted and coming back.There are tons of completely different Facebook apps that have unique objectives and we’ll go across them in the future..

Many people really like twitter and as much as the hype surrounds Facebook with it’s 1 billion web users, Twitter is not really that far away behind.As of April 2012 the people on the social network are considerably more than 500 million (as mentioned in to Wikipedia), and this suggests that by now the stats have grown.People today really love following their favourite companies and places on twitter and even though twitter doesn’t really offers marketers with that many marketing tools, but if you have a big following on your twitter internet page this can be decent enough.I will go through the strategies a diner owner can use twitter in one of my upcoming blogposts.

Google plus keeps getting practically zero attention by several marketers, but this is possibly one of the most vital websites to be on right now.Google will keep encouraging the Google+ product and not so not too long ago they started including content from Google+ to the search engine results page.If you have a fair following on Google+ , the things you post on your Google+ page will appear in their search results more often.For example if you’ve shared that you’re now serving brunch on Sundays, if the individuals in your Google+ circles look for Brunch, you will display up on the 1st page of Google – a promoters ambition.

After the lastest changes by the programmers, Youtube is at this moment much more social than ever.This was absolutely the thing that they have created the new Youtube around – being social.If you have had a live singer and dancer or a little something worth seeing by your users, Youtube is certainly the perfect webpage to display it.Even that way Youtube can’t beat Facebook in terms of being social and this is the reason why you should share videos on Facebook too.

Pinterest has been in the scopes of social media marketers for the last two years.This social media website has exploded so much these past two years it’s ridiculous.If you offer fantastic looking meals this is one of the pages you’ve just got to be involved on.Pinterest is a social website in which people present nice looking photographs of whatever they find awesome.Food has always happen to be 1 of the things folks love to look at and photos of foodstuff have never been more widely used.That’s why Pinterest is a good social website that you can use to share your meal and draw in new potential clients.

– credit to article alley

Bad Used Car commercials!!!

I think we have all seen it before. Terrible advertising campaigns that fail to cut through all the clutter. What comes to mind initially is terrible used car commercials. They are painful to watch and sit through and every one looks the same. I think a company would save a lot of money using another type of medium to advertise on such as

  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Viral marketing- youtube etc

A particularly bad commercial came on one night around 10 pm it was just utterly cheesy and horrific. Low budget and bad acting at least I remembered it I guess but still they would not be my first choice for purchasing a used car. The business would be better off designing a better marketing campaign and not wasting money advertising on tv there are already too many other car lot commercials as it is.

If you want to stand out take a used car out and drift while staging a police chase and maybe I will pay attention to your commercial; hell save the money and put it on youtube instead of purchasing ad space I guarantee that will get you some exposure.

Social Media Marketing

I believe there are a few misconceptions when it comes to the use of Social Media for marketing purposes.  A few issues I noticed from smaller companies are:

  • The use of multiple Social Media platforms
  • Not regularly updating websites/ not generating adequate content
  • Not engaging their audience
  • Finally believing that social media will capture new clients or consumers

When used properly social media allows small businesses to compete and advertise their services competitively against larger companies. Unfortunately many small businesses are not taking advantage of this or are not properly utilizing their social media platforms. Smaller businesses should:

  • Identify a few social media platforms that allow them to target their perceived market
  • Generate interesting and well thought out content
  • Regularly update content and engage their audience

I have found this website to be extremely helpful and informative